Oshex Associates, Inc. Acoustical Curtain Systems

Acoustical Curtain Systems
  • STC up to 32
  • NRC up to .85
  • Custom engineered systems for any application
  • Quick access to machinery and equipment for operation and maintenance
  • View windows for visibility
  • Roof Panels and ventilation systems available when required
  • Easily installed, relocated or modified
  • Durable constructions for long service life in severe industrial conditions
  • Fire safe and low smoke emissions per ASTM E-84,Class 1
  • Curtain system models are offered in various styles for optimum solution of application's requirements
  • Economical alternative to rigid acoustical panel systems

Sound Seal Acoustical Curtain Systems offer an effective, economic method of noise reduction in a wide variety of industrial, architectural, community and OEM noise control applications. Acoustical Curtain Systems can be configured to create total enclosures, partial enclosures, hoods or shrouds, barrier walls and divider partitions.

A wide variety of Sound Seal Acoustical Curtain Panels and curtain support framing options are available from United Process to meet any requirements.

In addition to very effective, high performance acoustical curtain panels, a successful, functional acoustical enclosure often requires a wide array of features and options. These include roof-top panels, valances, corner treatments, view windows, ventilation baffles, exhaust fans and a variety of curtain support frame options, (see SS-102).


  • Plastic Granulators, Grinders, Pelletizers
  • Vibratory feeders and vibratory bowls
  • Pumps and motors
  • Compressors Presses, swaggers, screw machines
  • Generators Fans, turbines, blowers
  • Hydraulic Units
  • Numerous industrial application

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