Acoustical foams, sound and noise control
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Acoustical Foams
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Acoustical foams - Versatile products used to reduce noise levels in manufacturing areas and enclosures, as well as to fine-tune the sound in auditoriums, gyms and recording studios. Foams come in sheet form for walls or with hooks for ceiling installations. They also come with a variety of waterproof and decorative coatings.

Variations [ SONEXclassic ~ Sonex Value Line ~ SONEXone ~ ProSpec ]

Sonex classic - acoustical foamsSONEXclassic - Typical uses: Pro audio and industrial noise

Our most popular foam, featuring a pattern of deep, alternating wedges. SONEXclassic is available in a variety of thicknesses to match the frequency of your noise source. It is also available in both flame-retardant urethane and fireproof melamine versions.

SONEX Value Line SONEX Value Line - Typical uses: Pro Audio, room acoustics, industrial noise

Our least expensive fireproof foam: Value Line foam is made of our virtually fireproof melamine foam, with a subtle wedge pattern. Available in three thicknesses to help you to match your noise problem. Available in natural white or painted. [top]

SONEXoneSONEXone - Typical uses: Room acoustics and industrial noise

Our premium fireproof foam, with beveled edges for good looks and a range of thicknesses for great sound absorption. Our only foam available with a Hypalon (synthetic rubber) coating for enhanced cleanability. [top]


SONEX ProSPEC - Typical uses: Industrial noise

ProSPEC Foam is perfect for lining the inside of enclosures. It comes in two versions:

  • A flat,1" thick foam with a urethane film coating for added durability and water resistance.
  • A fireproof melamine foam with a contoured surface with Hypalon (synthetic rubber) coating. [top]
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