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Unwanted sound, commonly referred to as "Noise", has always been an environmental issue. Therefore, Oshex, by reducing unwanted sound, has always been a "Green" company. The good news recently has been that many of the components used in our products have become more environmentally friendly.

Pinta Acoustics and Sound Seal, two of our primary suppliers, have taken steps to incorporate recycled and/or bio-degradable products into their manufacturing stream. This has opened doors for LEED credits and a welcome greening of an already green industry.

Pinta Acoustic is proud to take part by manufacturing acoustical wall and ceiling products that provide architects and building owners with LEED credit for their new construction and school projects

            -Pinta LEED Credit Statement

Sound Seal uses miles of fiberglass and fabric products in the manufacture of their industrial and architectural panels.

            -Barricade Industrial Products- Fiberglass Absorber

-Sound Quality Architectural Products: Uses the following products in their

  architectural wall and ceiling panels and baffles

                        -Johns Manville Whispertone Wallboard

                        -True Textiles/Guilford of Maine Fabrics

For over 30 years industrial, commercial and architectural customers have counted on Oshex for expert guidance and product solutions in dealing with acoustical and noise control problems and challenges. We are proud that we can increasingly do this in an ecologically sustainable way.

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